If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or even read some of the posts I write, one thing you will pick up on is I enjoy attending events, meeting people and going places where I can see and do new things.  My wife I and have always enjoyed having what we call a “trip on the books.” What that usually refers to is a trip that we have planned, and all of the events that are associated with the event.I don’t know if this is the case for everyone, but the two of us often use time as a focal point. By way of example, being Mid-Westerners where the winters can be brutal, Sheila (my wife) and I have always enjoyed planning a trip to Florida or Arizona in February.

Another thing we found is that the longer the period between the date planned to date of the event, our anticipation builds to a higher level. As I write this post, I am about six days away from heading to my home state of Illinois’ Annual SHRM Conference. The annual event consists of almost a full year of planning, so the anticipation factor is almost off the charts, at least for me. Following that, I will be directing my sights on TNSHRM14 upcoming in Knoxville.

I doubt that everyone thinks like I do, but my point is this. As you have events or things that you are excited about coming up in your life, you look forward to these events with pumped up emotions, excitement and a thrill of the unknown. It gives you something to look forward to. Now let’s take this same concept of anticipation and look at it in terms of the workplace and employees. What have you planned for work that people are really jacked-up about, something they are stoked to see come to fruition, what workplace events are your people buzzing about?

Thinking that there may be some parallel from my life to the workplace, I Googled “Anticipation in the Workplace” and was really surprised toGoogleQuerry see what returned.

  • Anticipation Conflicts likely to Arise in the workplace
  • Prevention through Anticipation A key to sucess in occupational risk
  • Anticipating Workplace Health Risks
  • Industrial Hygiene: A Simple guide to Anticipation
  • OSHA Training and Reference Material

Those were my top returns. I am sorry people but none of those thing get me #Geeked as Steve Browne likes to say. That is some dull sh$%! So what can we, the collective body of HR do about this – if anything? Do better!  Give your organizations something to focus on – something to look forward toward – build the ANTICIPATION!

This is one thing I am going to do. Have at least one thing, one event, one meeting, a video sharing, an ice-cream social – something – anything that you can get most of your staff to focus on – and focus in a positive, anticipatory way. I am going to endeavor to do this on a regular, like quarterly basis, and see if I can’t move the ball forward and make anticipation a good thing – not something to be feared!

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