About Us

For 6 years Performance I Create published and shared HR related content to help human resource professionals with the daily grind of people management. In that time, we have learned about what makes a great article and what does not. After a top-down re-evaluation of our mission and accomplishments, we determined that only way to truly create the best performance possible was with freedom.

In August of 2017, we rebranded Performance I Create to PIC: The Defiant Ones, inspired by the poplar HBO Documentary series featuring the epic and sometimes chaotic rise of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre.  We realized in order of PIC to thrive and continue we had to allow our Content Creators to be free to share stories about the things that truly concerned, excited, and interested them. Life stories about work and life.

PIC 2.0, as we will sometimes call it, is the only blog in the our community that trusts its contributors to write great content without any constraints. Our Content Creators have the freedom to create with worrying about tags, corporate sponsors, and industry interference.

That’s us. That’s who we are.

Freedom is a beautiful thing.


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