A Self Doubt Reality Check

A Self Doubt Reality Check

How often do you think about self-doubt? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? NEVER? (If never, perhaps, kudos to you!) Self-doubt is a powerful thing. It affects everything from our personal relationships to our work performance. It makes us believe that we are not good enough as Person X, Y, or Z. It imposes mental blocks that often go unnoticed. Maybe it’s time to overcome our own self-doubt! (No, that wasn’t a question!!!)


What is self-doubt?A Self Doubt Reality Check

Let’s take the two words: self and doubt

Google defines self as: a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others.

Google defines doubt as: a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.

So, we could say that feelings of uncertainty or lack of conviction could create negative implications on a person’s view of their essential being – when in comparison to others.  Or, in other words, “I’m not good enough!

Our Own Doubts

We all have self-doubts. And, in some ways, these doubts are good as they offer a reality check. Wouldn’t you agree they keep our egos in line?

I am not without my own doubts. As many of you know from reading my posts, I’ve recently made a job transition and have moved.  And, in doing so, I’ve started a new chapter.

All these changes allowed a bit of self-doubt to silently scream words of uncertainty. It is those words that gain the power to give those negative impacts . It is in those moments that we need another reality check.

A Reality Check

What do you do in these cases? Focus on the positive.

Am I good Enough?I wondered, “Am I good enough?”  I could list a variety of things that I can’t, won’t, don’t do. If I do that, I only create more doubt. Instead, I’ll use two examples.

  1. I did not know ANY HR bloggers when I began blogging in 2012. I now consider dozens of them to be friends AND I’m a regular contributor to an HR-focused blog!  Am I good enough? I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t! They would have kicked me out by now!!!
  2. We all know of my love for the BBC television programme, Doctor Who. When I purchased my first iPod in 2006/2007 I found a podcast (actually, I discovered what a podcast WAS and then found this) titled Doctor Who: Podshock. It quickly became my favorite and, as the longest running DW podcast, I found it to be respected in the DW fan community. I think the current episode numbered in the 50s or 60s at the time, but I went back and listed from the beginning. (The most recent episode was 325.) Guess what? I’m now a co-host!

The above isn’t to blow my own horn. It is a reminder to all that it is:

  • OK to sing your praises sometimes to remind you of your own accomplishments
  • OK to believe in yourself
  • OK to give yourself a self-doubt reality check

How about you?  Do YOU need a Self-Doubt Reality Check?


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