A New School: Next Stop Everywhere

HR Schoolhouse Closing, Next Stop Everywhere

Education is vital to one’s success. I’ve seen it over-and-over again in my own career and for those who I’ve come in contact with over the years. Education comes in various forms at various stages along our scholarly journey. We are shaped by our early childhood education – teachers being parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. Elementary and Secondary tends to plant the seeds, while many extend to obtain associates, bachelors, and beyond. We achieve certification for a plethora of vocations – showing we are knowledgeable and accomplished.

Content I Create, Kyle JonesEducation also comes in other forms….such as this blog. While the content I create may not be scholarly in nature, it is a piece of me – who I am.  My words allow the reader a peek inside who I am. It teaches the choices I make in the present. The computer is my blackboard and my words become my lessons.

I strongly believe everyone on this blog takes care to present quality content as we each know that our words have the ability to enrich/enlighten someone else. Yes, I know I create performance, but what do I do when I need some additional learning? What happens when there is a lesson to be taught? Education is important, right? Perhaps, is it possible we all need a bit of schooling every now and then. So, where else would we – being in HR or HR-related fields go for that education…for that schooling, if you will? How about a schoolhouse dedicated to HR? Yes, that’s it – an HR Schoolhouse!

HR Schoolhouse Closing, Next Stop EverywhereIt would be a place where we could discuss the the things that make us laugh. It could inspire us or make us think. It could be a place that might anger us – to make sure better. It would be a site not unlike Performance I Create.

But, what if we found that place and then discover it’s closed. Doors shut. Bang. Finished. Done.

By now many have already discovered my weak attempt to mask my reference to Robin Schooling ending the HR Schoolhouse blog. But, in doing so, I think she’s shared another lesson – We must continue to grow and evolve. We must evaluate what worked and improve upon it.  And, she is doing just that very thing. While the HR Schoolhouse may be closed, her blogging journey will continue at robinschooling.com. (Note: the HR Schoolhouse was one of the first HR blogs I discovered when I began my own blogging journey.)

Let Robin’s decision inspire you to – maybe – step outside your comfort zone and take a chance at making a change. We often cringe at change and prefer the comfort of that which is more familiar and safe.

We can change our views and learn something new. Or, perhaps, it might be better stated as follows:

“You’ll see me again. You’ve got all of that to come. You and me, time and space. You watch us run! Next stop…everywhere.” Professor River Song



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  1. Thank you Kyle for your support and assistance over the years! It was an interesting step for me; I’ve owned the RobinSchooling domain for years but really just used it as a parking lot. I decided though, for a variety of reasons,it was time to shutter the Schoolhouse doors and start fresh. Something we all have to do now and again… 😉

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