A Change Will Do You Good

A Change Will Do You Good

The other day I was driving down the street and I saw the demolition of this building. I was inspired so I took a picture.

construction 2








Then as it would happen, a buddy of mine, Victorio Milian from New York, posted this picture on Instagram with the caption, “Destruction can be a good thing.”








Now I’m going to tell you a story, stay with me please.

I moved back to my hometown in 2005 after a 9 year stint in Ohio. When I returned I noticed how things hadn’t changed much. It was the same ole city with the same ole problems and the same ole people doing the same ole stuff. Because I was somewhat frustrated (this is important to remember) in my career I had on blinders. I could only see the worst parts of the city. But I have a friend who loves it here – always has – always will. He’s lived in California, Atlanta, and Boston but his heart is in Memphis. I couldn’t understand why, to me this was a terrible place.

Over the past couple of years my life has changed dramatically. I was laid off from a job and started a blog which lead to another blog, which lead to a business, which has led to a lot of exciting opportunities. I’m working on being the best HR professional I can be. I’m learning from some great people, making some more great connections, and stretching myself professionally outside of my comfort zone. With all this growth I thought it would be good for me to try to be more positive about life. I also thought I should take my own advice in which I give my clients which is to be more optimistic.

By doing this I’ve realized that there are a lot of positive things happening in my city – right under my nose. The gentrification programs have revitalized some of the urban areas which used to be overcrowded ghettos and blight. There are new shops in old areas bringing jobs to those communities. There are more tourist attractions, local restaurants, bars and clubs than ever before. We have bike lanes and walking trails now, which is new for us. We have more concerts, baseball games, college and professional basketball games, 5K and 10K charity events.

I thought there were nothing new happening here because I was upset/frustrated. But here’s the thing, it wasn’t the city that wasn’t changing – it was me! 

When you are unhappy, you can’t see all the good things going on around you. You are only focused on the bad. Some people don’t like change. They want to keep everything the same….how boring and sad is that!

So here are the takeaway POINTS for you.

  1. If you are unhappy at your organization maybe it’s you. Maybe you need to change your attitude and perspective or maybe you need to just move on. (if you ain’t part of the solution – then you are part of the problem.)
  2. Change takes time but it can be a good thing. Just like Victorio wrote on his caption “destruction can be a good thing.” Sometimes you have to tear things down in order to rebuild them better than before. Don’t be afraid to rebuild – that includes yourself
  3. Be open to new things – new bosses – new leaders – new structures and new processes.  I know so many people who go to work and refuse to cooperate with the new team member or the new boss because “that ain’t my job” or “that ain’t the way we’ve been doing things”. Change can be scary but if you open yourself up to it, change can be just what the doctor ordered.

Just think of how boring life would be if we never changed, never grew and never tried to make anything better. Listen to Sheryl Crow, “A Change Would Do You Good”.


2 thoughts on “A Change Will Do You Good

  1. You are right Chris, you live in a great city with a lot going on and a lot to be proud of. We have had the chance to visit several times in your fair community and I enjoy it more with every trip.

    And with the title of your post I immediately thought of the song, by the way Ms. Crow performed in New Orleans at #SHRM2009.

    1. Oh yes Dave, we have a good time when you come to town. And of course the article is about more than Memphis, its about changing your attitude and you can change your life.

      Thank for always making time for me when you come to town!

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