A Camera and a Computer Equals Creativity

Today’s post is about creativity, something many of us in Human Resources  could us a little more of.  Sadly much of my creativity has been overtaken by 941’s,  1099’s, WH381s and the like.  Today I am recycling something from the past.

In 2012 my youngest son was a recent graduate from college and had not yet found full time employment. This meant he was pretty much short on cash.  As my birthday approached he wanted to do something nice for me, but he could not buy anything.  This caused him to work with the tools that he had, a couple of which were a camera and a computer for video editing.  So instead of buying anything, he made me a video for me, about me and branding me as DaveTheHRCzar.  As I said earlier he is creative, and I am not.

Enjoy the aptly titled Who is Dave Ryan?”




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