Dave Ryan Reviews ADP, The Behemoth

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This is the second review/overview of some of the major Payroll/HR software providers in the marketplace.  Today I want to talk about ADP (Automatic Data Processing). They are the behemoth out there. The Company is publicly traded and is often quoted when talking about job data on a national level.  Based upon my own research, […]


It Only Takes One

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Originally, this article was developed during the time that the Harvey Weinstein news of sexual harassment broke. Since then, every week someone new has been accused of sexual misconduct. My friend and colleague Mr. Dave Ryan wrote a fantastic article about the sexual harassment climate in America, it is titled “HR…They’re Not On The Side […]


I Have a Few Quibbles

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Ever since Paul Hebert departed from Facebook, I have missed his frequent crotchety, get-off-my-lawn type of observations.  His posts essentially took care of my need to express myself in that way. I simply “liked” or commented and left satisfied that my opinion was heard. But, alas, no one else comes to that same quality of […]


P.I.C. Reports: The New Corporate Communications

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Companies spend millions on safe and secure internal communications systems however they still fall short of capturing everyone’s attention. We’re all familiar with traditional methods of organizational communications, things like email blasts, office meetings, IM and Sharepoint. Those methods work very well for employees with easy access to a computer or who work in the same […]