6 Holiday Office Party Themes to Rock Your World

6 Office Party Themes

Whelp it’s October and that means it’s time to break out the pumpkin spice stuff, and when I say “stuff” I mean stuff, from coffee and creamer to beer and soda, donuts and cookies, to ice cream and candy. And let’s not forget the Rum…speaking of rum, October also ushers in the office holiday party season.

This is the time of year where adults get to dress up in costumes, drink liquor at work, and act like they are kids – what could go wrong?

I am not going to write about the horrible yet hilarious and sometimes tragic things that happens during the office, you already know about that. What I am going to do is offer you some office holiday party themes so you can get your groove on.

  1. The Prom: Yes, you read that correct, make your office party a prom theme sans the raging hormones and anticipation of hooking up. But this could be a cute idea, bring a date (preferable a spouse or partner) or ask someone from work. You can have superlatives and everything.
  2. Sports: Hey October is synonymous for a bunch of things and football is one. Especially in most states you have to college team that everyone loves. Have a sports theme party complete with all the tailgating treats.
  3. The Formal: Not like prom but formal dinner. Take the entire team to a nice restaurant with a formal dress code and 3 forks on the table. You know, high society stuff.
  4. The Cocktail Social: So this is not dinner, it’s not tailgating, it’s wine, beer, some hard liquor, finger food with a laid back business casual atmosphere. Add some Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Ella Fitzgerald and Dave Brubeck playing in the background and you’ve got some magic.
  5. Period Pieces: Take it back, like a throwback to the 70s, 80s, or 90s. Beyoncé recently had a 70s theme party for her 35th birthday and it looked like a blast, complete with afro wigs, bell bottoms, patch leather vests, and platform shoes.
  6. Party with a Purpose: As stated above October has a lot of meaning and of the most important is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can have a pink party and ask for donations to help fight Breast Cancer. You can have food a drink with pink colors and themes to complete the whole affair. What’s better than partying with a purpose?


You’re welcome America!


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