You Were a Trainer? Join the Club!

Most people have trained or assisted the training department at some point in their career. It’s kind of expected as part of the process. Everyone has been asked to show a “noobie” the ropes, it’s part of the onboarding phase. So really who cares? Being labeled a trainer or having trained a bunch of people does not make you a true effective trainer. Trainers do more than just stand in front of the room and belt out instructions. And it’s not only presenting prepackaged material. Trainers are innovators and change agents.

The job of a trainer is very import to organizational development, culture, mission, vision, strategy and success.  You have to know a lot and you have to be resourceful and understand different learning styles. You must be able to increase the strength of the weak areas and make the tough areas seem easy all while making a return on the investment of training cost. You have to make an impact.

Trainers have a responsibility to analyzes the process to make it better; and by better I mean more efficient. Don’t waste the employee’s time and the employer’s dollars. Every minute wasted in training doing nothing or doing no brainer tasks is money thrown away.

Trainers must also stay current on new technology. Technology can make sharing and disseminating information easier, faster, more fun and exciting.

Trainers must use workforce analytics and the trends of the workforce in regards to skills, knowledge, etc.; look at some point you are going to come across a new employee that is more tech savvy than you. Don’t get offended and label them a know-it-all. Take a moment and talk to them and other trainees, they may offer a suggestion that can really make a great impact.

So you’ve trained someone before, big deal. Don’t tell me how many people you’ve trained, tell me what difference you made. Did you save the company money? Did you reduce turnover? Did you increase engagement? Did you make employees excited about working at your organization?  If not, you’re no trainer, you’re the human equivalent of a boring training video; VHS at that.

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