What Jay Kuhns Is Thankful For: Thanks…For Nothing

Miserable. Whining. Complaining. Never satisfied. Always feel they deserve more. Impossible to work with more often than not. No matter what we do for them, they seem to only have one response….

“Thanks for nothing.”

Shared Responsibility

I believe very strongly that the culture of an organization is formed in a very specific way. First the leadership team sets the tone for trust, taking risks, and working in an environment free of fear. Second, the employees need to behave in a professional manner, regardless of their role or position. Trust, respect, and support from both groups equals a great place to work.

Entitlement = Failure

Sadly we’ve all seen employees act as if the organization “owed” them something special. As if they alone, above all of their colleagues who work so hard everyday, should receive something more. Why is that?

I’m convinced that these employees are simply not happy with life in general. No matter what the organization, or the world, did for them it wouldn’t be enough. That’s not fair.

It’s not fair to their colleagues who put in long hours and work hard. It’s not fair to their customers who are subjected to that poor attitude (trust me, that negative attitude is easily identified by your customers.) It’s not fair to the organization either.

When companies set up Employee Ombudsman programs, grievance panels, committees to directly involve front line staff in decision-making; and they continue to play the “whoa-is-me-card,” it is clearly time to help them find a new trough to wallow in their own self pity.

Thanks…for the Opportunity

When so many employees are doing world class quality work and yet some are still miserable we have an obligation to take action. Confront the misery, help them through it if you can, and then help them find joy somewhere else if nothing else is possible.

No job is perfect, but with a decent leadership team and a professional group of employees just about anything is possible.

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