Unemployed Doesn’t Look So Bad


The dreaded word many people unfortunately are facing in today’s workplace.

Whether the state of employment was brought about through resignation, termination, laid off, or whatever crap organizations do today, I am here to tell you that being unemployed DOESN’T look so bad.

That is right, I said it. I know, you think I am absolutely crazy for saying it, but let me provide some perspective to my thinking. See, the end of June brought me the same fate of being….dun, dun, dun….unemployed. My position was eliminated due to some restructuring; I knew it was coming and I was prepared for it.

Understandably, not everyone is going to be prepared for the unemployed life. In fact, many it comes as a complete shock. But as I will state again, being unemployed is not so bad. It is not the end of the world.

Sure, the first couple of days you begin to worry about the financial piece; but then you begin to get some framework around what you are going to do next. And if I can offer one piece of advice as you push through this journey, give yourself the opportunity to truly explore what you want to do next. Understand why you either decided to leave your job or maybe why you were terminated? Now is the time to complete some true introspection and determine what you want to be different the next time you enter a new role.

Heck, this may also be the time you explore something completely different – starting a business, changing career paths, consulting, teaching, or whatever.

Tackling this challenge, ensure you do not disregard your feelings, thoughts, ambitions, etc. I know it can be easy because you just want to get back to work and fill in the financial gap, but as someone who is in the unemployed boat, it is worth it to take the time.

Don’t let being unemployed bring you fear or shame to make impulsive decisions. I think Laurie Ruettimann summed it up best in her Ignite Raleigh presentation.

[youtube video=”JTZJjtAp7pI” width=”700″ height=”420″]


Be smart about finding your next opportunity. Leverage your network to seek opportunities which may not be public or even utilize this time to build your network even more. Relationships are a powerful thing!

And while you are not seeking out a new opportunity, take advantage of the down time. Tackle the chores around the house you just never were able to get to, or explore your artistic side and do some projects. Whatever you choose, make sure you provide some time for you.


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