I’m HR and I’m Too Busy for Social Media

Today’s title represents the lamest excuse of all time used by HR “pros”  near and far. I’ve actually listened to HR Execs claim they have too much work to do and couldn’t possibly learn about social recruiting. Are you kidding me? They might as well have submitted their resignation on the spot. HR…it’s time to stop hiding behind your tired excuses and get with the program.

HR is Still HR…Except Its Not

You may not like that your profession has dramatically changed over the last four years, but it has. You may not like that the pace of change has been so dramatic that you are now considered a dinosaur, but it’s happened. I’m sure the folks who sold horses for a living were pissed at Henry Ford, but they realized their world had permanently changed. You, not so much.
How come HR doesn’t see the world around them? Could it be that as a profession we actually think we’re so special that the new world order doesn’t apply to us? Do we attempt to make fun of these new tools in a lame attempt to mask our own insecurities about falling so far behind seemingly overnight? Are we afraid that we’re becoming obsolete because we haven’t partnered with other parts of our organizations like Marketing and the Web team in a proactive way? You’re not still doing everything in your cozy little HR silo while simultaneously coaching managers about avoiding the traps of silo leadership are you? That’s what I thought.
What have you been doing HR? Updating a policy or maybe diving into some really challenging inefficient transactional work? Nice. That should guarantee you a seat at the cafeteria table, but certainly not the seat you’re whining about all the time.

I Was You

Now before you get all defensive…oh…too late. Here’s a little secret. I was you. I used the same excuses, lame jokes, and felt incredibly embarrassed that the skills I had worked so hard to develop no longer applied in the same way. The skills matter, but the tools you must use to apply those skills are dramatically different.
 social media gadgets and time
One of the things you’re not aware of that comes automatically in the world of social HR is the massive amount of support you will receive. You don’t know because you have stepped into the game yet.
Once you do I’ll be standing there waiting to help you, but you have to get with the program first.

30 thoughts on “I’m HR and I’m Too Busy for Social Media

  1. Jay, I think you could apply this most professions, not just HR. There will always be early adopters and then those that are chasing the bus to jump on after the bus is going about 50mph. But there is hope! I was encouraged by the social focus of a local SHRM Symposium I attended this week. Check out by blog post for the details. http://www.text100.com/hypertext/2013/02/mobile-conference/
    Shari Roberts
    Text100 Communications

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