The Performanator

It’s as if they arrived here on earth from a time far ahead in the future. They look like us, yet their impact is somehow very different than the majority of the employees who we work with each day. At times they are quite charming and appear to have a solid network of peers. But, something is just…well…different about them.

Say hello to the Performanator.The Performantor

Teamwork As Sport

Maybe it’s because I’ve spent so many years in human resources that I’ve come across this unique being more than once. They focus on teamwork, but in a unique and unorthodox way. Yes, it’s about team…and yet the impact is anything but a team-like feeling. It’s as if this person is really out for some sort of twisted entertainment, not building the team.

Building a team should not involve setting your colleagues up for failure, stirring the pot, or tricking your coworkers into awkward situations in an attempt to manipulate your way into a bizarre perceived position of power.

Always In The Shadows

In my experience, this cruel soul routinely coerces others through a fake “friendship” to raise issues, accuse others not in their clique, and to generally stir the pot. The result is usually hurt feelings, low morale, lost productivity and wasted time.

Why do people act this way? Is it low self-esteem? Could they feel disconnected to the organization and are lashing out in a passive-aggressive way? Are they miserable and find amusement in creating havoc, albeit quietly in the workplace? It doesn’t really matter why in the end. What matters is that we have the power to deal with the Performanators in our organizations.

We can fire them.

Find the Performanators in your company and shine a bright light on their behavior. Call them out and make your expectations clear. This group often struggles to support their colleagues and simply can not resist hurting the people they work with. You have the power to deal with them.

You can fire them.

Time for Action

Put down the paperwork and policy manual and spend some time finding the Performanators in your midst. Let them know you are aware of their mean-spirited and hurtful behaviors, and clarify what is expected going forward. If they continue to harass their colleagues…well…

You know what do no next.





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