Feeling Overwhelmed In #HR?

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Editorial Note: Keeping with tradition, we are bring you new talent first, all the time. Today it is our friend and supporter Janelle Rodriguez, PHR, SHRM-CP. Her complete bio is at the end of this wonder article.   Are you new to human resources? Transitioning from another career?  Do feel over your head? Not to […]

Gamify That Training Process

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Gamify That Training Process After reading my colleague – coconspirator and PIC mate, Janine Truitt’s article “Building Training Programs for Effective Learning and Development” I was inspired. You see in my practitioner days my major responsibility was training and development. I loved it. I got a buzz out of making the old process new, better […]

Break the Rules !!

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One of the BIG knocks on HR is that we tend to be rule people.  We create rules.  We encourage others to enforce rules.  And, we even spend hours and hours sweating over an Employee Handbook which is “needed,” but few ever read (including HR folks). Why do we do this?  I mean it.  Have […]

PIC POV: HR’s a Joke!

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*Part of our micro blogging series where we share our point of view on certain topics. Today Janine and Chris tackles anonymous accounts, bashtagging and enablers* Chris Fields – Anyone who knows me or read any of my articles knows that I love HR and hate to see it devalued and embarrassed. But in this […]

Stop Churning !!

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Organizations have been on a kick lately that they must be “innovative” !!  In fact, they are putting days aside that are full of things they consider creative and out-of-the-box in order to stimulate the senses.  There are growth strategies, laser focused strategic plans and stretch goals. I’m all for this.  If I had my […]