The Hypocritic Oath; How Not to Lead

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Every morning when my favorite radio shows go to commercial, I may just switch over to another channel. Where I live, the other channel happens to be one that airs the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest Harvey fan and never really have been, but […]

She Made Me Better

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After graduating college, my first real professional experience was in a nationwide retail-clothing store. Having worked there part-time during school, I was afforded the opportunity upon graduation to become a manager in the home store of our District Manager (DM). As an hourly associate I had heard the horror stories about the DM but I […]

3 Keys

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Are we having fun yet? This month we’re writing about fun at work here at PIC. I know, I know, sounds like a non-sequitor, but bear with me. First, a discussion of fun on the job has to be separated into two camps. There is the phony forced fun of the annual Christmas party (the […]

Keep Smiling, Keep Singing, It’s Okay to Whistle While You Work!

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“Quit singing and get back to work!” “Settle down! Don’t you have work to do?” “This work is serious so take it seriously!”  “I don’t appreciate that you and your team are always laughing and carrying on with everyone else.” Four statements.   Four assumptions.    Four reasons to make my blood boil. The first statement was […]

Entitlement – Blame It On The Leader

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I had the pleasure of participating in Performance I Create’s first ever Podcast. During this podcast, the fantastic Sarah Williams used a term I got a chuckle from…the “wussification” of America’s workforce. I thought about that term for awhile…I liked it…it made me think of entitlement. The term “entitlement” refers to the belief that we deserve some […]