Bigger PIC-ture: Stepping Outside the Circle

How do you get better? What is the Tipping Point in your professional life that allows you to breakthrough to a new level of performance? Does it come from within; or, are you the type of person who feeds off the energy of a team that is engaged and passionate about what they do?

Enter Performance I Create’s blogging team.

Solo to Team

I first started blogging back in the Fall of 2010 and was fired up to join PIC in the Spring of 2011. Not only has the transition from being a lone wolf to part of a team been fun, it has also energized me to have the opportunity to write with a team of professionals from many industries, backgrounds, and perspectives.

9 Heads Are Better Than 1Performance Let's Do This

One of the things I like most about PIC is that the focus is on performance…your employee’s performance…your performance…your organization’s performance. It’s about getting results. Does being part of a project like this get me pumped? YES! Does it give me a renewed sense of urgency to make my own performance better? YES!

We’re out to rule the world this year. Or at least to make it a better place to work. So check out PIC, and feel free to reach out to us at any time.




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