Recognition: A Successful Pathway To Improving Productivity

Nisha RaghavanToday’s post is from a guest blogger Nisha Raghavan.

Nisha Raghavan is a Global HR professional with experience in handling Talent Management, Employee Engagement and Cultural diversity at work place. After having worked in Corporate India for a while she moved to United States and talks about her Global HR experiences at her blog Your HR Buddy!!

She is a proud Co-host of DriveThruHR and also a contributing author at Women of HR and Social Business News. When she is not working or blogging she loves creating her own artistic impressions with acrylic & oil paints. Connect with her on LinkedInFacebook & follow her on twitter @TheHrbuddy.

Ok. These days everyone, including myself, is behind attaining advanced technology and into Social Media to do our jobs much more effectively and in an impactful way.

But we often miss the fact that the success of our work and of an organization lies in the effective utilization of technology and people by maintaining the integrity of both. Be it in using cutting edge tools and technology or treating your employees like humans.

Ok, I am not beating around the bush here….here is the situation:

You set out goals for improving performance and productivity of your workforce and implemented your strategies but for some reason you are not able to attain that bigger picture that you had in your mind.

But what went wrong….let’s go through the list:

  • Hire the right people and the ‘A’ player to work with you – Check!
  • Attain the latest technology suitable to your industry – Check!
  • Successfully integrate Social Media with your corporate goals – Check!
  • Provide enormous learning & training opportunities to your employees to gain expertise -Check!
  • Provide attractive salary & benefits that often lead the market- Check!


Hmm, You have all the resources that you need to create your perfect picture. You’ve sketched and designed it properly and you have all brushes and tools that you need –but when it comes to painting and creating your picture- something’s missing. You forgot to put love into the colors on your palette!Color Palette

The love for your employees by recognizing their work and efforts so that a mix of colors can create new colors, forms great textures and impressions! Letting your employees know how much you value them and their efforts drives engagement and improves productivity.

It is March 1st, the day dedicated to recognizing your employees! Most often we fail to provide that fuel to boost our employees by letting them know that they are the backbone of the organization. And to keep that backbone strong, every organization needs to reinforce the recognition aspect in a way that is equally acceptable to both employees and the organization.

Here are few points to consider while setting your goals for recognizing your workforce:

  • Timely & Specific:  Train your managers to not to wait for the stage to be set to recognize and appreciate the effort of your employees! When good work is done, recognize it immediately and let him and your entire team members know why you feel that his work is exceptional & outstanding. That will inspire the whole team and you can see those types of great work getting repeated.
  •  Make it personal:  Rather than just sending your star performers pictures through intranet mail make it more ‘HUMAN’ by letting your employees know that you really mean it. And if your employees feel that you as an organization influence their life positively then that’s when you are creating an impact. So make it more personal by giving away a hand written note from their manager /CEO or traveling down to the location office where your employees work and giving a pat on their shoulder.
  • Tie it with business goals:  Be it recognizing the longevity of a loyal employee or outstanding performance of your ‘A’ players, let them know how their work is related to achieving organizational goals. For example, if providing a great customer experience by proactively addressing and solving all customer issues help you retain and attain a great customer base and increases revenue, let your customer service employees know that. This is where you are connecting the dots where letting your employees know how their effort is directly impacting your organization achieve its vision.

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