My Second Day at #LASHRM12 – Handstands & Swag

I had the honor to attend the Louisiana SHRM conference (#LASHRM12) in New Orleans, LA, this past Thursday and Friday (April 26-27).

In my post –  My First Day at #LASHRM12 = Freakin’ Rocked! – I explained that the first day brought forth many thoughts for me to include:  excitement, innovation, engagement, refreshment, enlightenment, fun, and information. These thoughts subsequently came about because it has been a while since a conference has offered me an opportunity to think outside of the box around thoughts, work, change, management, leadership, and just the HR practice.

The second day of the conference proved to carry over the opportunity to think outside of the box with another group of fantastic speakers. Here is how it shook out:

We didn’t start the second day off with a keynote speaker, but rather a set of concurrent sessions. And these concurrent sessions actually started at a decent time (8:30 a.m.) – none of that early morning crap where everyone is trying to drag in. The first session I attended was Total Rewards & Motivation: Mistakes, Myths & What’s Working by Laura Wolfe, PhD. Laura provided a vast array of information regarding total rewards, recognition, and motivation, but an interesting exercise presented early into Laura’s presentation resonated with me. Laura had audience members assist passing out pennies, dimes, and nickles to various people in the room. No one really knew what the motivation was around handing out the coins, why they were handing them out to certain people, and what the heck we were supposed to do with the money. As the assistants were handing out the money, you could hear people in the audience saying “I haven’t gotten anything” and it really bothered some people. Me on the other hand, I kept getting money and wasn’t really paying much attention since I was tweeting the content Laura was presenting. Through it all, what I figured was coming was an equitable or fair compensation example, but rather it was did our performance and/or engagement increase or decrease while the money was being handed out. Thus, raising the question:  is money the best and ultimate motivator?

I thought this was a rather interesting example to raise her point around money as a motivator. How many presenters have you seen create a “scratch your head” example? Not many!

After Laura’s presentation, I was wowed by Cathy Missildine-Martin with her presentation on Talent Management: How to Make Your Metrics Work. For those that do not work with me on a daily basis, I am going to let you in on a little secret – I like data. And Cathy delivered on the concept of data/metrics and how we can utilize this information to drive our organizations to increased employee engagement, customer service levels, and bottom line. We discussed topics such as infrastructures needed to deliver on metrics that matter, quality of hire and the metrics involved with measuring quality of hire, other metrics we can utilize to evaluate people performance, and finally, how once we have the data, what do we need to do with it. The engagement Cathy was able to her audience was awesome and it was clearly demonstrated by the amount of knowledge people left with.

Wrapping Cathy’s session, we broke for lunch and networking – the second day’s lunch was a little less dramatic (stay tuned for a future post regarding what happened the first day).

Reconvening from lunch, I moved over to Craig Fisher’s session:  Cool Social Media Tools for Networking and Recruiting. Coming into the session, I thought I was pretty savvy with many of the social media tools out there, but let me tell you – I didn’t know anything. Craig began the presentation by introducing the audience to cool tricks you can incorporate into your LinkedIn profile to improve where you reside in search results in LinkedIn, Google, and other search engines. Additional tools that Craig discussed included:  TwiAngulate, WhoWorks.at, Xobni, Rapportive, Kurrently, Card Munch, Pealk, and much more. I plan on incorporating these tools into my SM toolbox and as I begin to use them, I will let you know how they work out.

To wrap up the day, we attended the last keynote session, Leading at the Next Level with Scott Eblin. For those attendees that did not stay for Scott’s presentation, YOU MISSED OUT! Scott provided some fantastic content around leadership presence and what that looks like from a perspective of managing a team as a leader or managing something that you lead in your organization and some great exercises to incorporate into your day-to-day interaction with people. Plus, he did a headstand for us! Check it out:


Where do you get to see a speaker perform a headstand – #LASHRM12!

All in all, I am honored and privileged that I got to attend #LASHRM12! The conference organizers truly understood their audience in that they organized speakers who could provide applicable information versus selling services/content. This effort is to be applauded and I know all of the attendees walked away with greater knowledge they can apply to their organizations.

With that, thank you for a great time, allowing me to serve on the #LASHRM12 Social Media Team, and be sure to check out the #LASHRM12 swag video:



P.S. If you are still wondering how it was determined who go the money and who didn’t back in Laura Wolfe’s presentation, it was determined based on different activities you  were doing (i.e., playing on your computer/phone, smiling, etc.)

Also, stay tuned for future posts around #LASHRM12 – it provided some great ideas to share and blog about.


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