HWWT is the New WIIFM

Guest what? The days of What’s In It For Me (WIIFM) in the workplace are over. It’s time to start talking about How We Win Together (HWWT).

I had the opportunity to attend the Taco Bell franchise convention in Orlando, Florida a few weeks ago with the rest of the executive team from my job. While there, I had the privilege of hearing Yum! Brands CEO and best-selling author of “Taking People With You”, David Novak, speak about his vision for the Brand. What resonated most was his passion for partnership.

Partnership between franchisor and franchisee. Partnership between the corporate team and the field team. Partnership across departments. Partnership in every project, initiative and undertaking.

Because the only way to survive and thrive is to win. And, in big business, you cannot win alone.

It is not enough anymore to focus solely on the needs of your department and your job function. To be truly successful, you must be mindful of how your initiatives impact other departments’ rhythm and responsibilities.

It is not enough to choose your projects and partnerships based solely on the needs of your department and function. You should seek to partner with those who are both less and more successful than you. It will give you the opportunity to develop and improve both yourself and others. It will teach you to work beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone. It will prove that teamwork is still what makes the dream work.

This isn’t to say you have to completely abandon the agenda you have for yourself or your department. Winning together doesn’t mean you never win alone. Sometimes, you have champion for yourself. However, do not become unwilling or unavailable to stretch yourself to help others, learn something new or do something different to improve efficiency or effectiveness of your company overall. And you definitely shouldn’t become unwilling or unavailable to assist because there is no obvious benefit or accolade for you in the effort.

HWWT is the New WIIFM. Get over yourself. Get back on the team. Get to winning.

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