Friday Feature: Explanations of Health-Related Absences, Innovation Stalls, Strengths-Based Goal Setting

It’s Friday folks.

What did your week look like? Was it productive? What impact did you make?

I had the opportunity to attend a company HR meeting in Minneapolis – lots of great HR talk, building strategy and synergy, project outlines, and fun.

Enough about that…now to share some content we have found over the week:

Requiring Employees to Explain Health-Related Absences May Be Unlawful

Are you requiring your employees to specifically explain why they were out for health-related reasons? If so, check this out.

Three Issues that Stifle Innovation, and How to Overcome Them

What does 2012 look like for you and your team? Does it include innovating your processes, ideas, etc? Learn how to overcome issues that stifle innovation.

Ambition = success = happiness? Not quite.

Does success equal happiness? What about lots and lots of money? Apparently, not so much.

Strengths-Based Goal Setting

If you haven’t already set your performance goals for 2012, take a read at this information.


So that wraps this week – be sure to check out our other posts from Chris Fields, Melissa Fairman, Jay Kuhns, Chris Ponder II, & Buzz Rooney here at Performance I Create.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Posted by: Chris Ponder II
Chris Ponder II is a human resources professional who has harnessed his human resources knowledge and experience across the casino, retail, and service industries, where he has challenged people to think outside of the traditional “thought box” and strive for something unique by pushing thoughts and actions to a different scale – the extreme.

Chris has a background is in talent acquisition, employee engagement, training and development, human resources information systems, employee relations, process development and redesign, performance improvement, project management, and human resources analytics.

Knowing the value social media can bring, he continues to be an advocate for trench HR professionals to take a leap with social media and utilize its capabilities to grow both professionally and personally. You can follow him on Twitter at @ChrisPonder.


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