Does Experience Matter Anymore

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What’s Going On?

I’ve been responsible for recruiting talent into organizations for years and years. Relevant experience was always the brass ring my team focused on to fill open positions. Yes, I said relevant experience. So in the bizarre new world of high unemployment and vacant positions, what exactly is relevant experience?

Experience v. Being Current

One of the new realities that I believe most organizations continue to struggle with (I have no data to support this hypothesis by the way) is how to cling to the old archetype of focusing on experience as the driver of  pay and scope of responsibility, despite the reality that many employees and job candidates alike have not remained current in their industries.

Does an employer care if you worked on a project with antiquated technology thirty years ago? Does time spent at a company doing work that has long since disappeared from the business landscape matter anymore?

These are difficult questions to answer primarily because experience means more than the technical parts of the job. Experience also includes life experience which has nothing to do with technology, but has everything to do with how people perform in the workplace.

Answers Anyone?

How is your organization reacting to a new wave of talented young people who have the technical knowledge but not the life experience? Are you bringing them on board; or, are you holding out for that Cobolt programmer who worked on the Saturn Rocket program instead?

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