Contributors to PIC


Dave Ryan

Posted 59 articles
Dave Ryan, SPHR, is a veteran Human Resource professional who lives in Central Illinois. Dave has worked in Human Resources for a long time (since it was called “personnel”). Dave is also a certified USA Hockey Referee, a second passion of his. In his free time, he thinks, talks and writes about HR and business related issues. Dave speaks at local colleges on these matters regularly. Dave has a wife of 34 years and two grown sons. He also enjoys golfing and all things electronic. You can connect with Dave on Twitter @DaveTheHRCzar, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Melissa Fairman

Posted 57 articles
Melissa Fairman is an HR practitioner who has worked in multiple industries and HR specialties. Her experience encompasses performance management, global HR systems, and other generalist work. Her passion is empowering people to help themselves in their careers.

When not breathing all things HR she can be found listening to music, playing violin or trying to read through a never ending pile of books.

You can connect with her via her blog: HrRemix, Twitter: @HrRemix, or Email.

Tim Gardner

Posted 29 articles
Tim Gardner is on his third career, having spent time in Engineering and Operations before moving into HR. While working for Scott Paper Company, Tim had the opportunity to be involved in two greenfield manufacturing start-ups, which is what drove his interest in team performance and the importance of diverse skill sets within teams. As a member of the Talent Management team at Kimberly-Clark, Tim’s current focus is on Change Management and Organizational Effectiveness. He and his wife enjoy life in Atlanta with their grown children and two (so far!) grandchildren. You can check out his blog, The HR Introvert, and you can connect with him on LinkedIn.