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Are you interested in contributing to Performance I Create?

Great! Experience, fresh thinking, and new ideas are what make Performance I Create a destination on exploring opportunities to improve performance and increase productivity. Contributors have the opportunity to become a regular contributor or a sporadic/one-time contributor – it is all dependent upon your interest and the need for writers/posts.

Content and Guidelines

Content should center around improving performance or productivity through topics focused on human performance improvement, learning/training and development, process improvement, instructional design, human resources, communication, social media, leadership, or productivity.

When submitting content for the site, posts should be original content and not published in other outlets – print or web – to include your personal site. If you would like to publicize your post on your personal site or other sites, you may post a preview or summary that links back to the original post on the Performance I Create site.

Submitted posts should be roughly 200 to 700 words longs and include a picture and an approximately 70 word bio. You may include links to your blog or Web site, Twitter, LinkedIn, or company website.

Posts will be reviewed and edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. If you have a title and/or picture you would like to use, include with your post along with a photo credit, if applicable. Final pictures and post titles are left to the discretion of Performance I Create.

Email your submission to us at:

You can expect a response back from us within two (2) weeks. Your post will be returned to you if it will not be used.

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