Hiring Great Performers

I work in the manufacturing segment. One of the credos in manufacturing is “cheaper, faster – better.”  If you can get that figured out in manufacturing […]

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How to Make Working on a Team “Work”

You’ve been there before. You are part of a project team made up of individuals from various groups and functions. During the regular status update meeting it […]

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What’s the Score?

Much like professional sports have scoreboards and player statistics to show league standings and ratings, corporate teams can use scorecards to measure performance and progress against […]

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Summer Interns

5 Keys to a Blockbuster Summer Intern Program

Summertime in the world of work is usually when you find relaxed dress codes, shortened work weeks, and extended vacations. It is also the time where […]

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Why Summer is Great for a Job Change

For those of you who are connected with me on Twitter or LinkedIn, you already know that I started a new job this week. I’m excited […]

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Essential Productivity Hacks for Young Leaders

According to Gallup survey only 13% of employees are engaged at work, worldwide. Inspiring young leaders need to collaborate and motivate 6 people out of 10. […]

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Improving Team Effectiveness by Leveraging Motivation

The idea that some people simply are not motivated is flawed.  Is it possible some people seem unmotivated? Absolutely. The issue is not that they lack […]

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A Business Men Climbing a Pile of Papers

Does Your Performance Eval Stack Up

If you’ve ever dreaded delivering a Performance Evaluation or if employees would rather get a root canal than sit through their review, your evaluation may need […]

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True Colors

Imagine your six-year-old self, sitting down with drawing paper and box of crayons, ready to create your next masterpiece. As you open your box of crayons […]

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When Encouragement Goes Wrong

A friend of mine has been having problems with someone on her team for awhile now. The guy has been missing deadlines, making errors and missing […]

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When The Wheels Fall Off

NASCAR just had one of their biggest races of the season, The Daytona 500, and there were all kinds of headlines that surrounded the event: The […]

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Good or Great

I was hooked on the Winter Olympics.  I love watching speed skating, hockey and snowboarding and I think those ski jumping fools are tremendous!  But I […]

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