Holiday Party Problem Prevention Strategy

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  Well, it’s that time of year. We will see so many posts about how people should behave at holiday parties. We’ll see the thread-of-emails jokes from HR to the organization that starts with announcing the Christmas Party to announcing that there will be no formal gathering whatsoever. Do you have, or have you considered, […]


I Have a Few Quibbles

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Ever since Paul Hebert departed from Facebook, I have missed his frequent crotchety, get-off-my-lawn type of observations.  His posts essentially took care of my need to express myself in that way. I simply “liked” or commented and left satisfied that my opinion was heard. But, alas, no one else comes to that same quality of […]


Can You Handle a Long Career in HR?

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I came to an HR career after about 12 years in Engineering and Operations. I had been on the periphery, trying to learn how to make operations better through better people-related decisions. As anyone who has spent a significant time in HR will tell you, there comes a time where nothing about people will surprise […]


Blue Lights, White Privilege

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Let me start this by acknowledging that it represents a single data point. There is just not sufficient information to determine why the officer involved did what he did. I believe that many white Americans can simply not comprehend what is referred to as white privilege, and I hope maybe this will help in at […]


Are You “D.E.P.P.” Certified?

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Have you earned your DEPP™? I have read enough LinkedIn profiles and resumes to realize that adjectives have taken over. There is an adjective-based claim that many people are making that I believe needs some sort of certification. It seems there are growing numbers of DEPPs in every profession. Dedicated, Engaged, Passionate Professional. All I need […]