Knee Deep in HR & Loving It!

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I love Human Resources. I love almost everything about it. Many HR headaches are overwhelmingly difficult, but that gives me a mental high. Many HR solutions are common sense, and while they come with a fairly large eye roll, they also allow me take a mental holiday and still seem amazingly brilliant! Many HR issues are […]

KISMET (kiz-met)

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Kizmet It means fate, luck, providence, chance or divine will. I give up all sweets for Lent because it is very difficult for me to do so; over half of my consumed calories on any given day come from Hot Tamales, cakes, pies, cookies, jams or frozen desserts of some kind. My Girl Scout cookie investment showed […]

Fine, Be a Bigot

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It’s not often our parents suggest we are anything less than authentic but from time to time back in my teenage years, my mom would tell me, “Heather, you may be the devil’s spawn but for God’s sake, quit acting like it!” She was, of course, suggesting that I present a kinder, more gentler me. Perhaps […]

Inspired by Hate

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Hatefulness Unprofessionalism Those are hardly inspirational words, but they inspired this post. Recently, I concluded a workplace investigation that despite all the discriminatory allegations, counter claims, and retaliation complaints thrown around, what it boiled down to was there was a lot of hatefulness (feelings) and oodles of unprofessionalism (behavior). Hatefulness and unprofessionalism. They have no […]

Turns Out, There Is Political Discrimination and Harassment Too

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Seven or so years ago, I was asked to teach a course for a client regarding discrimination and harassment prevention. They had offices outside of  Alaska so I researched EEO issues in those states in order to update my workbook materials. My research quickly revealed an addition to my list of protected classes: Political Ideology When I saw […]

You’re My Favorite!

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Bosses who claim they don’t have favorites are lying! They’re lying to you and they’re lying to themselves. I don’t know why they bother lying; I believe having favorites is perfectly acceptable. Please note, “having favorites” and demonstrating “favoritism” are not the same thing. Giving an employee unfair preferential treatment at the expense of another is rude and wrong, and you […]


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Tiffany Miller Kuehl, SHRM-CP, PHR has been gracing the HR Community for nearly 20 years although you’d never know it by looking at her. (She could make some Millenials look like Gen Xers.) Her career has been in talent acquisition and leadership and she has worked in a variety of industries so her experience and expertise is […]

Keep Smiling, Keep Singing, It’s Okay to Whistle While You Work!

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“Quit singing and get back to work!” “Settle down! Don’t you have work to do?” “This work is serious so take it seriously!”  “I don’t appreciate that you and your team are always laughing and carrying on with everyone else.” Four statements.   Four assumptions.    Four reasons to make my blood boil. The first statement was […]