Editorial Note: Today we have a guest contributor, Stephanie Hammerwold or the HR Hammer website. She is passionate about helping people get a 2nd chance in life. This is so important in human resources right, we need more of this.  You can read Stephanie’s bio at the end of the article. With further ado…  …

Editorial Note: This is a guest post from Max Dubroff, an HR guy I met in Tulsa while attending the OKHR State HR Conference this year. We had a great conversation about 2nd chance employees and employers. I invited him to share his experiences with the PIC audience. You can connect with Max on LinkedIn…

How many of us wish there were more hours in a day? Maybe just an extra hour for completion of a non-work project? Or, maybe you would go to the gym if only you had one extra hour? It’s important to make wise choices on how we choose to spend our time – regardless of your profession…HR or other. I encourage you to take a look within and evaluate how you spend your time.

Enthusiasm and Its Impact on Performance

We all motivate others at some point in our careers. Our methodology gives us the power to spark creativity or, just as easily, hinder the individual and/or groups performance. Our goal should be to nurture the embers of dedication in an effort to spark the flame of creativity. Then, as that flame burns brightly, we should support it in the hope of creating an inferno of productivity.

PICHR, The One Thing We Often Forget

Culture. What is culture…really? Does your place of employment have a company culture? (Yes, it does..whether it is recognized or not.) Culture is, in my opinion and based upon my own understanding, is a set of norms defined by a group. It creates boundaries, standards, and expectations for individuals who participate within. But, there is one thing we often forget.

Cultivate Internal Talent, PICHR

What is the first thing you do when you receive notice of a new position or are told of the pending departure of an employee? Do you go into overdrive thinking of all the things needed to recruit viable talent for a replacement? How many of us often overlook a talent pool that often hold hidden gems, vibrant and valuable thinkers, and a fountain of undiscovered superstars?