A Team In The Dark, Ain’t A Team

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Sworn to secrecy. G-14 classified. Top Secret and this message will self-destruct. Every manager has been stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place when it comes to “sharing” information. We all (hopefully) know when to share and when not to…employee personal health info, investigation-worthy stuff, etc., but when should we break that code? When […]

The Hypocritic Oath; How Not to Lead

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Every morning when my favorite radio shows go to commercial, I may just switch over to another channel. Where I live, the other channel happens to be one that airs the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest Harvey fan and never really have been, but […]

The Gift of Time and Presence

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Non-HR managers don’t know HR stuff. That’s not what they’re paid for and that’s not their area of expertise. Amid all the day-to-day chaos they’re dealing with they need a trusted partner to lean on when they do have those questions about culture, behaviors, or compliance. With a plate-full of tasks and deadlines they must […]

Feeling Overwhelmed In #HR?

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Editorial Note: Keeping with tradition, we are bring you new talent first, all the time. Today it is our friend and supporter Janelle Rodriguez, PHR, SHRM-CP. Her complete bio is at the end of this wonder article.   Are you new to human resources? Transitioning from another career?  Do feel over your head? Not to […]

Tiny Conferences – Big Value

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One of my favorite things is meeting and talking with interesting people. People who like to play with ideas far outside status-quo-industry-standard-best-practices. Those who like to create and innovate and debate how to make things better. That’s why I love attending tiny conferences. These are the conferences where the non-conformists and the people who are looking […]

Do You Trust Me?

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Today we have guest post from Micole Kaye, Social Media Strategist with Ultimate Software, she is a new voice in the HR social scene who has made a positive and immediate impact with her online interactions and presence at SHRM National in 2016.  In the article, she explains the importance of TRUST. You will find […]