Dave Ryan Reviews ADP, The Behemoth

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This is the second review/overview of some of the major Payroll/HR software providers in the marketplace.  Today I want to talk about ADP (Automatic Data Processing). They are the behemoth out there. The Company is publicly traded and is often quoted when talking about job data on a national level.  Based upon my own research, […]

Dave’s HR Tech Review: Paylocity

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This post is a high-level overview of the HR/Payroll/HCM software provider Paylocity.  With full disclosure in mind, I must tell you that this is the software application that I use at my place of employment.  We have been a client since 2015.  Paylocity is an Illinois based company and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ […]

Meet the PIC Players

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I am going to assume that if you are one of the folks that pop-in over here at PICHR from time to time, at this point in your life you have had many experiences. I am also going to assume that you have all been to a concert before, ok?  Well invariably one of the […]