Become a Contributor at Performance I Create

Over the past three years, Performance I Create has evolved to become a platform for both business and human resources professionals alike to understand how to […]

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Data Breach

Are We Saying F*** You to Guarding Employee Data?

Over the past year, year and a half, data breaches have surged substantially. Target, Michael’s, and Neiman Marcus have all been impacted by customer data breaches, […]

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Delivering Feedback that Doesn’t Beat Down Employees

Companies are notorious when it comes to feedback.  There are countless systems developed, executed and utilized at all levels of an organization.  We want to know […]

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Tower of People

5 Insights on Building an Organizational Structure

If you evaluate the organizational structures utilized by most organizations today, you could easily translate these structures as a tower of people. Meaning you have layers […]

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Data Cloud

You Mean Big Data Isn’t Always Right?

There are a set of words which has been trending for the past several years across the business scene:  big data. You know, the use of […]

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Executive Checklist

The Executive Checklist for Leadership

The operation and scope of working in today’s business world is becoming more and more complex. Continuous introduction of information, competitors, new technology, stakeholder demands, and […]

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Unemployed Doesn’t Look So Bad

Unemployed. The dreaded word many people unfortunately are facing in today’s workplace. Whether the state of employment was brought about through resignation, termination, laid off, or […]

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Business Acumen Isn’t Just Numbers or Something Only HR is Lacking

Ram Charan recently published an article on Harvard Business Review entitled, It’s Time to Split HR. As you can expect, it is the typical article that […]

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Innovation Isn’t a Solution

If you pay attention to any content outlet, whether it be via television or website, you will hear or see the continual discussion of constant innovation. […]

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3 Tips to Get Yourself Out of Complacency

Wow! Can you believe it is already June? As each month has ticked by this year, I think, didn’t we just start that month? Now into […]

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Compliance is Important but Don’t Let it Sink You

Monday, my fellow contributor, Chris Fields, wrote about the 80/20 Rule and whether or not your organization is subsequently operating in compliance. Working in human resources, […]

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Leading The Shift in Development

As employee development continues to be a topic of discussion within organizations, organizational leaders have to begin taking charge of defining what development looks like for […]

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