Do Employees Really Matter?

It seems nearly everyday we hear about a new gadget, a new piece of software,  a new cloud base reporting system or a personality assessment that […]

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3 Tips to Get the Most from Feedback

There are a lot of overused, misused, and stale management words used in the workplace, especially buzz words like “granular”, “leading-edge”, “synergy”, etc. Like me, I’m […]

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Performance Documentation

Why is Performance Documentation Important?

Documenting the progression of our employees’ training, performance and development is critical for managers because documentation provides independent and objective evidence of what happened or what […]

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4 Tips to Find Time for Career Development

Regardless of your job,  its hard to find time to develop your own skills. Maybe your day is spent going to meetings or answering phone calls […]

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Tower of People

5 Insights on Building an Organizational Structure

If you evaluate the organizational structures utilized by most organizations today, you could easily translate these structures as a tower of people. Meaning you have layers […]

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Manage Up Not OUt

Why Should I Manage Up and Not Out?

Growing up in a large family, I’ve seen and experienced a variety of methods to teach, correct and reinforce behaviors. When my cousins and I would […]

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Data Cloud

You Mean Big Data Isn’t Always Right?

There are a set of words which has been trending for the past several years across the business scene:  big data. You know, the use of […]

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This Place Sucks…I Hate Working Here!

“Ugh, This Place Sucks, I Hate Working Here!” Believe it or not about half your employees say that to themselves or out loud every day! I’m […]

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The Fear of Change

As I continue to stretch myself in different ways, I realize that there is no place for fear in my development. There have been times that […]

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If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or even read some of the posts I write, one thing you will pick up on is I […]

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The Myth of Control !!

Organizations fascinate me.  I have been fortunate to have worked in different types of industries over my career ranging from professional services to manufacturing to restaurants.  […]

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What a 9 Year Old Can Teach Us About L&D

“SWEET! I wiped out! They should make pads for your butt!” Five minutes into his first ride on his first skateboard and my son was bouncing […]

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