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How to Make Working on a Team “Work”

You’ve been there before. You are part of a project team made up of individuals from various groups and functions. During the regular status update meeting it […]

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The Most Common Mistakes New Managers Make

The toughest transition in management is going from managing a job function to managing both a job function and other people at the same time. When […]

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Employee Engagement survey

When the Employee Engagement Survey is Wrong

I had an interesting discussion a couple weeks ago with a non-HR friend who spent some time venting about his company’s employee survey. Turns out the […]

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Become a Contributor at Performance I Create

Over the past three years, Performance I Create has evolved to become a platform for both business and human resources professionals alike to understand how to […]

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Lasting Impression

The Lasting Impression

While we may not always realize this, it is important to remember that our actions, deeds, words, and everything else leave a lasting impression on those […]

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Data Breach

Are We Saying F*** You to Guarding Employee Data?

Over the past year, year and a half, data breaches have surged substantially. Target, Michael’s, and Neiman Marcus have all been impacted by customer data breaches, […]

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Leadership Position, Follower Mindset

Richard Branson once said, “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do […]

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Who Are The Engagement Gatekeepers?

Lately I have been talking to and working with a lot of people regarding engagement. In work circles, the term engagement is used to describe how […]

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Within Limits, Don’t Know Your Limits

The age old advice that we should “know our limits” certainly seems like good workplace advice on the face of it:  knowing your limits seems like […]

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Delivering Feedback that Doesn’t Beat Down Employees

Companies are notorious when it comes to feedback.  There are countless systems developed, executed and utilized at all levels of an organization.  We want to know […]

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Do Employees Really Matter?

It seems nearly everyday we hear about a new gadget, a new piece of software,  a new cloud base reporting system or a personality assessment that […]

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3 Tips to Get the Most from Feedback

There are a lot of overused, misused, and stale management words used in the workplace, especially buzz words like “granular”, “leading-edge”, “synergy”, etc. Like me, I’m […]

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