Making Choices in Life Based On You and Not Time

Life is about choices. I chose to write this post. I chose to drink coffee this morning. (You get the point.) Life is also routine. How […]

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6 Tips for Creating a Social Self Portrait

We make a choice when joining LinkedIn just as we make a similar choice should we choose to use Facebook for both personal and professional use. […]

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4 Issues with Traditional Training

Training today doesn’t look like it did years ago. The tools, technology, and research help us to deliver better, more engaging development experiences. Today we’re going […]

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Hiring Great Performers

I work in the manufacturing segment. One of the credos in manufacturing is “cheaper, faster – better.”  If you can get that figured out in manufacturing […]

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How to Make Working on a Team “Work”

You’ve been there before. You are part of a project team made up of individuals from various groups and functions. During the regular status update meeting it […]

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The Most Common Mistakes New Managers Make

The toughest transition in management is going from managing a job function to managing both a job function and other people at the same time. When […]

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Employee Engagement survey

When the Employee Engagement Survey is Wrong

I had an interesting discussion a couple weeks ago with a non-HR friend who spent some time venting about his company’s employee survey. Turns out the […]

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Become a Contributor at Performance I Create

Over the past three years, Performance I Create has evolved to become a platform for both business and human resources professionals alike to understand how to […]

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Lasting Impression

The Lasting Impression

While we may not always realize this, it is important to remember that our actions, deeds, words, and everything else leave a lasting impression on those […]

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Data Breach

Are We Saying F*** You to Guarding Employee Data?

Over the past year, year and a half, data breaches have surged substantially. Target, Michael’s, and Neiman Marcus have all been impacted by customer data breaches, […]

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Leadership Position, Follower Mindset

Richard Branson once said, “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do […]

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Who Are The Engagement Gatekeepers?

Lately I have been talking to and working with a lot of people regarding engagement. In work circles, the term engagement is used to describe how […]

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