What a 9 Year Old Can Teach Us About L&D

“SWEET! I wiped out! They should make pads for your butt!” Five minutes into his first ride on his first skateboard and my son was bouncing […]

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What’s the Score?

Much like professional sports have scoreboards and player statistics to show league standings and ratings, corporate teams can use scorecards to measure performance and progress against […]

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Ambition Should Be Embraced, Not Hidden

I met up with a friend for lunch recently. He wanted to catch up on the happenings in our lives since we hadn’t seen each other […]

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Change Sucks

Change sucks. Even when you think you want change it still sucks. I thought I was ready for change. Big change. Now I’m a little wary […]

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Executive Checklist

The Executive Checklist for Leadership

The operation and scope of working in today’s business world is becoming more and more complex. Continuous introduction of information, competitors, new technology, stakeholder demands, and […]

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Unemployed Doesn’t Look So Bad

Unemployed. The dreaded word many people unfortunately are facing in today’s workplace. Whether the state of employment was brought about through resignation, termination, laid off, or […]

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The Managers of the Roundtable

Legend tells us that in the 5th to 6th Century, there lived a great King by the named of Arthur. Many accounts depict Arthur as a […]

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Business Acumen Isn’t Just Numbers or Something Only HR is Lacking

Ram Charan recently published an article on Harvard Business Review entitled, It’s Time to Split HR. As you can expect, it is the typical article that […]

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A Change Will Do You Good

A Change Will Do You Good The other day I was driving down the street and I saw the demolition of this building. I was inspired […]

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5 Things Employees Will Screw Up For Everyone During The Summer

Summertime is one of my favorite times of the year. Work and life feel a little lighter in the summer as you plan vacations; attend barbeques […]

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We have had the summer time theme going here at Performance I Create all month long. We have heard from our contributors and some guest bloggers […]

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Summer Interns

5 Keys to a Blockbuster Summer Intern Program

Summertime in the world of work is usually when you find relaxed dress codes, shortened work weeks, and extended vacations. It is also the time where […]

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